What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In A Virginia Car Accident

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In Virginia, about 125,000 car accidents occur each year. Fortunately, most of them merely result in property damage, that is, damage to the car rather than the occupants. However, one out of every three accidents results in personal harm (link) to the driver or passengers, with two out of every ten incidents resulting in fatal injuries. You may do certain things to protect yourself and your interests if you are involved in a car accident in Virginia.

Stop right there and never leave the scene of an accident. If it’s dark and your lights aren’t working, you’ll need a flashlight to stay safe while waiting in your broken-down automobile or on the side of the road. Contact the police right after the incident. It’s a good idea to call the cops even if there are no significant injuries.

Inform the other driver about your situation. Typically, the investigating police officer collects this material. You should gather the names and information of everyone involved in the crash, including the drivers and passengers. You should also get insurance information by requesting to examine the insurance cards for all vehicles involved in the collision. If police are called to the crash scene, the investigating officer will give each driver a police report number. It would be best to verify the accuracy of comments provided by other people involved in the accident. It would help if you also photographed any apparent injuries and the scene of the incident. However, you must not obstruct the ongoing police inquiry in any way.

Although dealing with your injuries is the top priority following a car accident, many people who have been involved in a mishap are concerned about the damage to their vehicle. You should also be aware that while your automobile is being repaired, you are entitled to take a car on rent by the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.

Take the assistance of your insurance provider. The insurer will gather enough possible information regarding the accident, and he may ask you to state your version of events. Suppose the claim concerns property damage to a vehicle. In that case, the insurance company may dispatch a representative to assess the amount of the damage and determine if the car can be repaired.

In any case, dealing with an insurance company can be challenging. Following a car accident, the chore of delivering the essential data to the insurer and engaging in claim settlement negotiations can be even more intimidating.

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