What Happens If Your Injuries Get Worse After You Accept A Settlement Offer

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You cannot seek compensation from the same entity against whom you filed a claim once you have agreed to a settlement. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help you get complete compensation for the losses you’ve endured. He can understand how to appropriately evaluate injury damages, especially the cost of continuous medical treatment.

Typically, an injury heals entirely, or as much as a doctor believes is possible. It’s possible that with subsequent therapy, a wounded victim will regain some strength or function or experience less pain, but any significant improvement at that point is improbable. Even when doctors believe that an injury has stabilized, it can worsen. If you stop receiving treatment, your injury may worsen. When accident victims reach a point in their recovery where they don’t feel like they’re getting any better, they may resort to this.

Other injuries, such as broken bone that worsens and causes persistent pain or other complications, can worsen if the doctor does not provide the correct treatment. Back injuries and soft-tissue injuries like whiplash may also heal in an unanticipated manner. The potential will be factored into your ultimate compensation by an expert attorney. If you cannot seek future medical care, your injuries may worsen, making it more challenging to return to work and other activities you like.

 In most cases, settlements include provisions that protect the at-fault party from future liability for harm. That implies you won’t be able to launch a second claim or lawsuit against the same person for the same injury.

The only alternative option for obtaining more compensation is to claim against a third party who bears some financial responsibility for your injury. However, in that case, the other party would only be responsible for a portion of your losses.

To discuss your accident and injuries, it is highly advised that you speak with an expert attorney. The insurance company is not on your side and will try to deny or undervalue your claim in any way they can. They are just concerned with their bottom line, which is why you need an attorney such as Cranford Meehan, who will put your needs first.

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