Four Worrisome Signs Your Loved One Is Being Abused Emotionally In A Nursing Home

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The elderly are cared for and supported at nursing facilities. However, because there is no control or regulation to prevent misuse, these institutions are particularly vulnerable. Abuse takes many forms, involving bodily, sexual, economic, spiritual, neglectful, and mental torture. 

Neglect Symptoms:

Nursing home residents with elderly parents are the most prone to neglect. Not being fed or provided food, poor cleanliness or lack of care, being left alone in a bed for hours, and being denied medicine are all signs of neglect. Neglect can be caused by various factors, including the staff’s lack of training to care for the elderly parents’ requirements or their self-interests.

Emotional Abuse Signs:

It refers to intentionally inflicting physical or psychological harm on a vulnerable individual due to age, disability, or other circumstances through isolation, intimidation, or compulsion. Verbal abuse, negligent treatment from staff members, not receiving support from staff members when required, and being told you are worthless are all indications of emotional abuse in a nursing home.

Physical Abuse Signs:

Every nursing home patient must be screened for evidence of physical abuse. You should include questions concerning pain, fractures, burns, bruises, and any other injuries they may have had in the examination. Physical abuse at a nursing home might manifest in the form of bruises on the arms or legs when they are hoisted onto a bed or broken bones in the hands when they cannot defend themselves. 

Verbal Abuse Signs:

In nursing facilities, verbal abuse is common, and it can be difficult for staff to detect. This article explains several warning indicators to look for and what to do if you come across them. Verbal abuse among elderly parents is brutal to see since they are sometimes ignorant that their actions affect them or their children.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, communicating your concerns to the staff, visiting your loved one regularly, and reviewing their medical records might alert you to what is going on. If none of these answers your queries, it is recommended that you call your local police station and file a report. Attorneys like Chris Hudson Law Group, who listen to your complaints and concerns, are always accessible if you want to learn more about what to do about nursing home abuse. You can visit here at

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