Detailed Guide To Child Resistant Exit Bags And Safety

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Despite the popularity of stand-up pouches with their easy-to-open rip notches and reclosable zipper tops, there are some items that companies do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Pharmaceuticals and medical marijuana are two sectors that require product packaging that comply with regulatory standards and incorporate childproof measures to guarantee that youngsters do not unintentionally open the box.

The child-resistant exit bags are ideal for offering adult consumers comfort and ease of use while still meeting childproofing standards to ensure the safety of children.

Newly introduced locking bags maintain the product’s fragrance, freshness, shape, and structure intact while acting as the appropriate compliance storage solution. The flexible packaging with lightweight, recyclable structural materials and safety features also positively influences the environment.

The child-resistant cannabis packaging is composed of thick, odor-proof food-grade plastic that keeps outside elements like air and bacteria out, which may compromise the product’s quality.

The bags include a child-resistant lock at the top with detailed instructions on how to open it. Users have to press the tiny lever up, then pull the zipper out to gain access to the contents. To reclose the zipper, customers demand the top of it until the bottom lever clicks. These additional procedures are simple for adults to complete, but they make it harder for youngsters to access the contents.

The innovative, highly protective bags can be custom printed in up to 8 colors with a minimum run of 10,000. A locking bag fits your item’s unique specifications, whether you’re selling cannabis-infused foods or other legal medicinal items. The kid-proof exit bags are robust enough to protect your goods from puncture or exposure to outside pollutants without the heaviness and stiffness of typical packaging solutions.

These child-resistant packaging pouches are the “evolution” of the plastic bag. They are more structurally solid and safe while also allowing for personalized artwork and designs that credibility the company and its product offerings. For more information, click here.

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