Can a Sunburn Lead to Hair Loss?

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I get at least one bad sunburn per summer. As with most people, I have to deal with itchy, irritated skin that eventually peels off. Sunburns come with a host of problems that most people know about.

In addition to being painful and ruining vacation photos, sunburns put people at an increased risk of developing melanoma or other form of skin cancer.

Burned scalps are notorious for being one of the most infuriating sunburns out there. If your hairline or part is burned, washing your hair becomes an excruciating task. On top of this, wearing a hat to protect your head from further damage is painful and can rub on the burn.

But, can a sunburn have lasting effects on the scalp?

Peeling skin and shedding hair

When a sunburn is at its peak, you might notice peeling skin. Here, your body is shedding damaged skin to make room for healthy new skin. Sometimes, hair might fall out as a result. While this hair loss is certainly frustrating, it is not likely to be permanent. Once your skin is healthy again, the hair should grow back in no time!

Compensating for temporary loss

Just because your hair will grow back later doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your scalp now. A moisturized scalp that’s washed daily with a mild cleanser should provide a good base for hair to grow back on.

If you’re looking to cover up hair loss in the summer, hats and scarves are good options for doing so while also protecting your head against receiving another burn. Rejuvenate SMP also recommends looking into scalp micropigmentation if you’ve experienced particularly noticeable hair loss. Micropigmentation evens out any sparse areas you may have while the hair is regrowing.

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